Some of you may know that I am also a trainee babywearing consultant who can be contacted here

I will share my journey with you later 😉

I have just had the pleasure of receiving an Easycare Prism! By far one of the most beautiful wraps I have ever seen! It ever came in its own matching bag! I was excited about that (not that I will ever get it back nicely into that bag)


Nice huh? All new wraps need a bit (or a lot depending on blend) of breaking in. This one in particular is 100% cotton so it will soften quite quickly.

I purchased this wrap with the intention of chopping it into a size 3 3.2m and a ring sling. I thought well I need to break it in a little before I chop it, BIG mistake! It’s so thin and light and really supportive that I don’t know if I can chop it now :/

Here’s a few pictures of it in action





I love the way it wraps, the way it looks. I can honestly say this wrap will NEVER leave (it will make and awesome blanket when he doesn’t want to be carried anymore)

I have never had my hands on any other Easycare so I can’t compare but I have my hands on different brands 100% cotton and so far this is the thinnest. Fingers crossed I can get another one to compare!


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