CSP – How does it work?

I have told you what’s on the top of csp now what about what’s in middle? What makes them so absorbent while remaining chemical free?

In theory you can use anything inside old tea towels, if you are a cloth nappy user old prefolds work great! As a maker people want them as absorbent as disposable pads but without them being really thick.

Well science is a fantastic thing! I bet you have seen the new advert for Andrex that is now made from bamboo! Let me tell you more!

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the plant some species can grow up to a meter a day! This makes it a fantastic Eco product and extremely sustainable. It holds roughly 4x it’s weight in liquid.


I know it’s got a very strange name but this man made material is super absorbent! It reminds me of really stiff and thick felt. When I say thick it’s thick compared to cotton but it’s about 1/4 cm. It doesn’t weigh a lot either it’s very light but can hold up to 10x it’s weight in liquid.


Zorb II
Take the above and better it!



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